vitamagic® Hyaluron Nasenspray

Medical device

  • for long-lasting moistening of the nasal mucosa
  • without preservatives
  • with high-quality hyaluronic acid


Dry room air, smoke, dust, wind, cold or as a result of a cold can cause the nasal mucous membrane to "dry out" and lose its natural moisture. A "dry nose" is not only perceived as unpleasant, but also makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to settle in the mucous membrane. As a result, infections can be triggered. vitamagic® hyaluron nasal spray helps to moisten the nasal mucosa in the long term, thus facilitating unhindered nasal breathing and cleansing of the nose.

Directions for use

Remove the cap. Before using for the first time, hold the bottle with the opening pointing upwards and press the pump once or twice until an even spray is produced. Then vitamagic® Hyaluron Nasal Spray is ready for use.

Dosage recommendation

Spray 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril 3 times a day. If necessary, the dose can be increased as required. There is no limit to the duration of use.
Insert the spray nozzle into the nostril and activate the pump 1 to 2 times per nostril. After each use, wipe off the spray head and replace the cap. For hygienic reasons and to avoid transmission of infection, each spray should only be used by one person.


Sodium hyaluronate 0.4 mg/ml, sodium chloride, phosphate buffer

Other information

Can be used for 6 months after opening. Do not use after the expiry date. Keep out of reach of children.

Further information

In case of an additional medicinal treatment with nasal spray or nasal drops, a time interval of 30 minutes should be observed, whereby vitamagic® Hyaluron Nasal Spray should always be administered last. Do not use if hypersensitivity reactions such as itching or redness occur. In general, these symptoms disappear quickly after discontinuation of use.


20 ml sterile solution for spraying into the nose, corresponds to approx. 140 sprays.

Made in Germany